Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Future at MAC?

So, the boys were gone with Grammy. That leaves me sweet Morgan. I was enjoying the silence & reminiscing of how great it was to have ONE child. When suddenly, I realized, it's too quiet. In the next room, I find Morgan sitting on the floor with her blankie. "What are you doing?" Her response was, "No mommy." Red flag. Then I realize she's hugging that blankie awfully tight. And why does this girl keep holding her head down? Then I spot it. A leg. All marked up with a dark green permanent marker. "Hand it over," I say as I tug on her blankie. "No mommy." Now the tug has turned to a pull. This girl has quite the grip. But mommy wins this one. Yep, there goes the marker. Nice and hidden between her now green legs. I am mad, and she knows it. Looking at me all cute with that guilty little adorable face. Holding back the urge to kiss her, I proceed to fuss. Then I realize she's marked all over herself, not just her legs. Upon further examination, I realize that there's a pattern here. When I figure out what she's done, I bust out laughing. You should have seen the relief come over her face when I laughed. She knew she was in the clear. Then she laughs. "Funny Morgan, mommy." I said , "Yes, you sure are."
Here is my discovery:

Just looks like green everywhere, right? Take a closer look.

Now do you see it? Here, let me elaborate in this next pic.

Apparently, my daughter is very observant. She's watched mommy put on her make-up one too many times. Notice the eyes. Her 'eyeshadow' is simply gorgeus. Her 'blush' don't look so bad either. But those lips, those lips are devine. And you think she stopped there?
Ha! You are sadly mistaken:
Yep. Kid does her own manicures too.
I'm speechless. Just when you think they aren't paying attention. They are.

Pretty good, right? I'm thinking of having her hook me up a little later.
But wait! It doesn't stop there. Nope, this happens too:

Yep, you guessed it.....

You can't have a mani without a pedi!

I love you, Morgan.

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