Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet my posse & hear my story

Well, I guess before I get into this blog too deep, I better tell ya who I am. Oh, and I suppose you'll wanna see the kiddos I rave about 24/7. Okay, first, here's a picture of my bambinos. That way you can Ooo & Aah as you read along.

From the top we have Blas who's 11. We call him "Boy". Because I hate his name. Long story. Next to Boy is Celeste. Who just turned 14. Someone mistakenly told her that when you turn 14, you have more rights. HA HA HA HA! Whew, I needed that laugh. From the bottom we have Kyle (in orange), Morgan and Devin. Ain't they cute?? I'm a proud momma bear.

My name is Jaycee. I am a stay at home mommy and I LOVE my job. How I came to be a stay at home mommy is a story all on it's own. And I'm gonna tell it. Year 2006, me and my wonderful husband, Keldron, got pregnant. Here's a picture of me and my man. Now this was taken years ago before we had kids, and when I still had only one chin.

Ah, let me back up a bit. Celeste & Boy are from my previous mistake. I mean marriage. Anyway, 2006, Keldron knocks me up. Yay. Man, he did it right when I was dieting and actually doing good. I mean, my body was starting to rock. I bought all these cute clothes and everything. I even jogged for Pete's sake! Me, jog? Out of the question. Sorry. I tend to go off on a tangent every now and then.
So again, 2006, we were preggo. The excitement soon kicked in and I embraced my hips. I bought A crib, A dresser, A changing table. You know, all the cute stuff you would buy for A baby. We went to every check up and always loved to hear A heartbeat. Five months into my pregnancy we got the shock of a lifetime. I go in for my check up. Just a regular ol' check up. Babe, you stay home. I got this. Well, my lovely doc says, "You know, your really big for 5 months. Maybe you should go get an ultrasound." I'm thinking, IT'S ABOUT TIME! I had been bugging this lady for an ultrasound. So I can know if I should buy blue or pink. So off to the ultrasound department I go. Humming & happy cause after this, I'm going shopping! Here I am laying on the bed while my ultrasound tech is working her way around my belly. Then she says these dreaded words, "Oh, you're having twins." What? NO! Why did I get upset? Because when I got pregnant, Keldron kept being obnoxious and saying he was shooting for twins that night. Oh how I hated for him to be right. That meant he was gonna be even more obnoxious! Just from hearing twins, my mind was racing. Now I have to buy another crib. Who's gonna want to babysit twins? I'm gonna get soo fat. About 45 minutes later, my tech turns to me and nonchalantly says, "Oops, I mean triplets, your having triplets." Oops? Oops??? How do you miss a whole baby? Now fear has set in. Now I have to buy another crib. Wait... What? Did she say triplets? That's three, right? Where in the hell am I gonna put three babies? This can't be real. Pinch me. Keldron, you are a dead man. Now this is a small hospital. They've never seen triplets before. Because of that, I immediately became a freak show. Doctors, nurses, and I think I even saw a janitor, all came to see the triplets. Then they all had nerve to try and converse with me. Um, excuse me. Can't you see I'm freaking out here? The pool of sweat doesn't let you know I may not want to chit chat? Oh, and keep in mind that I was constantly asked if I took fertility. No, I didn't. Just good lovin'.
Two hours go by. I'm getting antsy. Keldron is calling and wanting to know what's taking so long. I refuse to tell him for my own selfish reasons. I wanted to see his reaction. So I kindly ask the tech, "Um, how much longer?", "Ma'am, I'm sorry, our hospital ultrasound machines are only equipped for twins. I have to measure each one individually, then start a new program for the next." Huh? Now I'm thinking, what the heck? I don't live in the country. What kind of boo boo hospital did I sign up with? Then she says, "I'm sorry ma'am. My arm is getting tired and I haven't had lunch. I'm gonna switch with another tech." Oh, am I supposed to feel sorry for you? Yes, I'm aware you haven't had lunch. We've been here together. All day. Just me and you. No lunch. No water. My back hurts. I'm grouchy. And I need to pee but they won't let me. Cause apparently a full bladder is best for the ultrasound. Blah, blah, blah. But, because I am the sweetest woman on the face of the earth, I smile and say, "okay". Here comes tech #2. She comes in, starts her job, then sets down the thingy and says she'll be right back. She brings back tech #1. Then tech #1 and tech #2 start mumbling amongst each other while they stare at the screen. Whisper. Whisper. Look at me. Whisper. Look back at the screen. Whisper. Tech #2 goes and brings back a doctor. Where they all sit, point, nod and whisper. Finally, tech #1 says, "Mrs. Mills, it appears your having quadruplets." Stupidity kicks in. "What's a quadruplet?" "That means your having four babies instead of three". WTF? I didn't say it. But I wanted to. Lady, do you have a death wish? All day you've been throwing extra babies at me, and I've just about had enough.
Now stop. Visualize. Imagine your laying on the table, surrounded by two dumb techs and a dumb doctor. Five hours ago you thought you were having one baby. Then hear it's twins. An hour later they 'happen' to find another one. That makes three. Now, nearly three hours later, they just slapped you in the face and said now it's four. What would your reaction be? Now here's mine. Please keep in mind that I am not a cusser.

I don't know what came over me. But I needed that. Because once it all came out, a calmness came over me. I was more accepting to the news. Shocked still. But accepting. Sort of. Not many know this version with the cussing. I failed to mention the F bomb. I didn't want to seem... bad. I figure now I can be honest. Why not? It's two years later and I cussed at two techs and a doctor. So what.

Well, after a long and very frustrating day at the hospital, I was ready to go home and watch my hubby go through it all. He is going to freak out. This made me happy.

But guess what? I'm not gonna tell you that story today. Just because this blog is already a mile long and I don't want to scare you away. So come back and hear the rest another day. It's totally worth it.

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