Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One more thing...

If your observant, you may have noticed below that my story is about my quads. Yet, only triplets are pictured. Let me go ahead and fill you in on that real quick. I don't wanna confuse you. One of our quads, Jayden, passed away at four months old. Due to complications from acid reflux. I'll get into that story another day. Today, I'm happy. I'd like to stay that way.

*Parents - If your baby has acid reflux, take this very seriously. It is not just spit up. The doctors will tell you they will grow out of it. Jayden didn't. Take your child to a G.I. and get a second opinion. Jayden died one week before he was to see a G.I.

Oh great, now I went and upset myself. OK, gotta go so I can get happy again.

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